Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Ride

Time - its amazing what a little bit of time to yourself can do for you, especially when you're balancing the demands of two kids. Wow! I'd forgotten what it's like to have an hour or so without them.  On Saturday, 7 August, John and I had the opportunity to go for an afternoon bike ride - thanks to Grandma Minnie watching the boy and the girl.

We went out and enjoyed the afternoon.  This wasn't a hard ride - just something enjoyable, since neither of us are in the proper shape for a hard ride.  We tooled our bikes down to outskirts of Old Town Alexandria.  The sun was shining and it wasn't too hot.  It was just enjoyable.  Its amazing what a recharge getting outside and doing something for yourself and your relationship with your husband can do for both of you.  There's less stress, you get a chance to clear out the cobwebs and encourage those muscles you haven't used in a year or so to remember how to ride a bike!

If only we could do this every weekend. Ah Dreams...  Eventually, both kids will be able to join us for bike rides on the wonderful bike trails we have here in the DC metro area.  We'll just hook up the chariot and tow them along for the ride.  But that's going to be a while.  So, we'll just have to settle for the time we do get.  One things for sure, I love having the kids, and while I don't want them to grow up too fast, I am looking forward to the day they both can enjoy going for a bike ride with mom and dad.  The future holds so much promise.

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